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A toolbox for Global Voices authors and editors that use Mac OS X




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  • 1371 1001 in 5 toolboxes
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    1001 is basically an RSS reader specifically designed for Flickr. As you can see in the preferences, it also integrates with blog publishing tools like MarsEdit so that, with just a couple clicks, you can post the latest picture from Flickr onto Global Vocies.

    Once you download the application and drag it to your applications folder, you'll need to set up your streams. Go to the "Streams" menu and select "Edit ...". A dialog box will appear:

    There are three kinds of 'streams'. You can monitor the most recent photos of your contacts, the most recent photos published with a particular tag, or the most recent photos posted to a certain group. As you can see above, I subscribed to the tag "Mexico" and set the stream to be updated every 15 minutes. So, whenever anyone posts a photo with the tag "Mexico", that photograph will appear in my stream. I would recommend that editors subscribe to all the tags that are relevant to where/what they are covering. This program is especially helpful when you're writing a post about a breaking news event. For example, I added a stream that checks for the tags "Pakistan" and "emergency" to find photographs for a post on the Pakistan State of Emergency. I added a pinkish label so that I could distinguish those pictures from my other streams:

    Once you find the image you'd like to use you can control-click on the image and either visit the Flickr page or press "Blog This" and the code will be sent to MarsEdit.

    1001 can do a lot more, such as uploading photos to your own Flickr account or setting your screensaver to your contacts' photos, but these are the basics for Global Voices editors.

  • 363 Adium in 62 toolboxes
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    Being an editor on Global Voices often means investing a lot of time talking to your contributors and to your 'sources' - that is, bloggers within your region or language. Different messaging clients are more popular in different parts of the world. For example, MSN messenger is the most common in Latin America, whereas gChat/Jabber seems to be used most frequently in South Asia. Adium is a single instant messaging (IM) program that allows you to sign on with various messaging networks including AIM, MSN, gChat, Yahoo, LiveJournal, MySpace, ICQ, and more. It is highly customizable and, most importantly for GV Editors, it archives all of your conversations. It also allows you to separate your contacts into different groups. This way I am able to separate my Global Voices contacts from my personal contacts. When you set up your accounts and preferences, make sure to check "log all messages":

    If you are logging your messages, they they are all saved and can be accessed via the transcript viewer:

    This is a great way to conduct interviews with bloggers. You can go back to the transcript viewer copy and paste the conversation and edit it for clarity.

  • 3321 Firefox in 345 toolboxes
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    I won't spend too much time on Firefox because I'm pretty sure that everyone already uses it. If there are Firefox Add-ons that editors and contributors feel are an important part of their Rising Voices workflow, it would be great if they could add them to this toolkit.

  • 5856 Fraise in 2 toolboxes
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    Previously Smultron, Fraise is a fork of the amazing open-source code editor for OSX

    tagged: code, CSS, editor, HTML, OSX, php, text, web
  • 53 Google Earth in 83 toolboxes
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    Even the most well-traveled among us haven't been to every city and town that we cover on Global Voices. Google Earth is an incredible resource to learn more about the geography of the places we cover. Google Earth even tracks Millenium Development Goals:

    tagged: google, mac, mapping, maps, tools
  • 19 iCal in 35 toolboxes
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    Calendaring application for Mac OS X

  • 3610 iGTD in 1 toolbox
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    A productivity client following the "Getting Things Done" methodology that integrates with dozens of other OS X apps.

    tagged: GTD, productivity
  • 3105 itunes in 14 toolboxes
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    Apple's music player

    tagged: iTunes, mac, macintosh, Music, OSX
  • 3593 Jing in 14 toolboxes
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    Sometimes it is difficult to explain to authors and contributors how to do a particular task related to Global Voices. Jing is a free and easy-to-use program that allows you to record screencasts - that is, movies of your desktop in which you narrate to explain what you are doing. Once you record your screencast, you can upload the video for free to Screencast.com. You can see examples of some of the screencasts I've done here.

  • 3611 MarsEdit in 1 toolbox
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    Blog editing and publishing software that integrates with NetNewsWire as well as most text editors.

    tagged: blog, blogging, text
  • 3615 Minuteur in 1 toolbox
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    At Global Voices there is always more work to be done. It's difficult to know where to prioritize your time. How much time should be spent on looking for new blogs? Reading the latest posts of those you're already subscribed to? Editing a post from one of your contributors? Writing emails to recruit new contributors? Minuteur is a handy little timer so you can keep track of how much time you're spending on one particular task.

    tagged: productivity, timer
  • 3726 Miro in 36 toolboxes
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    Just like 1001 is a great way to monitor the latest and most relevant pictures posted to Flickr, Miro is the dream application for monitoring YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, Blip.tv, as well as the many vlogs (Video Blogs) that are becoming more and more prevalent.

    In 1001 you subscribe to 'streams' of photos. In Miro you subscribe to 'channels' of videos. Here is a list of some of the channels I subscribe to. I've organized them into different folders:

    Each of those channels is basically a video blog, or 'video podcast.' I've set Miro's settings so that each day it downloads the newest unwatched episode from each 'channel'. For example, here is the 'channel' of Swajana, an excellent video blog from India:

    With Miro you can both download videos and watch them in the same program. Miro will play just about every type of video format you can imagine.

    One of my favorite features of Miro is the ability to subscribe to search queries in YouTube.

    For example, here you can see I searched for "pakistan emergency':

    Then I pressed the button that says "Save This Search as a Channel". Now every time that Miro updates my channels, it will download the latest five YouTube videos having to do with the Pakistan State of Emergency:

    You can also make search channels for Google Video, DailyMotion, Blip.tv and more. Miro is definitely the best way to stay up to date on what's happening in the online video world.

  • 61 NetNewsWire in 11 toolboxes
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    Client-side weblog aggregator for OSX

    tagged: aggregator, mac, weblogs
  • 1362 OmniOutliner in 9 toolboxes
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    Outlining software for Mac OS X.

  • 1207 Pukka in 4 toolboxes
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    Minimalist posting client for del.icio.us.

  • 367 Quicksilver in 24 toolboxes
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    A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.

  • 5645 Skitch in 11 toolboxes
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    Screenshot and photo editing software for OS X.

  • 3940 TacoHTML in 1 toolbox
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    Very simple but elegant HTML code editor for OSX. It is similar to a normal text editor but does font coloring for html and offers different ways of previewing your work as you go. This means it is great for writing html pages, but even better for writing blog posts etc. For those who can write blog html but enjoy a live preview, this is a useful tool

    tagged: editor, HTML, text, web
  • 3617 Think in 2 toolboxes
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    Blackens out your desktop so that you concentrate on what you need to get done.

  • 1363 Tiger Address Book in 5 toolboxes
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    Address Book program for Mac OS X.

  • 3303 Twitterrific in 7 toolboxes
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    Small application, lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website.

  • 3722 Yotophoto in 1 toolbox
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    Yotophoto is a search engine for free-to-use stock photographs and images. These are images that are either in the Public Domain or released under generous Creative Commons, GNU FDL or similar licenses.