Premailer in 2 toolboxes

  • 6598 Email Newsletter Toolbox created by Matt Garcia

    Tools for putting together email newsletters and action alerts through email blasting programs

    Some Simple Steps:

    • Start with a plain text editor
    • Don't switch back and forth between your blaster's HTML & WYSIWYG editors
    • Put together your content
    • Create your buttons
    • Resize your images and THEN upload them
    • Run your code through Premailer
    • Test that message in as many email clients as possible making sure it at least looks decent in Outlook

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  • Icon-toolbox Tools for Testing Email Messages created by Allen Gunn

    These tools can be used to see how email messages will render in various email clients. In addition, they can increase deliverability of your messages by catching spam-like attributes and verifying senders are not blacklisted.