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    Cicero is a web service API that easily integrates into an organization's existing web application or data management software to match any address to its correct legislative districts. Available legislative districts include local council districts in more than 100 cities and state and national districts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. In addition to geocoding addresses and matching them to the correct legislative districts, Cicero also returns maps of each district and information about each elected official. Cicero also provides non-legislative district matching for counties, school districts, watersheds and police districts.

    The Cicero team just released a new dataset - match addresses to the district id's of newly approved, redistricted legislative districts.

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    The Public Mapping Project has developed District Builder, an open source software redistricting application designed to give the public transparent, accessible, and easy-to-use on-line mapping tools.


    This technological innovation will enable greater public participation where redistricting authorities solicit public input. Where redistricting authorities are not responsive to the representational needs of the public, plans drawn by the public may be used as a yardstick by which to compare a redistricting authority’s plan against. And where the courts must step in when the regular redistricting process breaks down, judges will have a greater menu of options to consider.